Sintra cascais – Private Tour from Lisbon

Embark on a Magical Journey: Sintra-Cascais Private Tour from Lisbon

Uncover the enchanting beauty of Sintra and the coastal allure of Cascais with our exclusive private tour from Lisbon. Experience the rich history, stunning landscapes, and captivating culture of these iconic Portuguese destinations.

What You’ll See and Experience:

  1. Majestic Palaces: Marvel at the fairytale-like Pena Palace, perched atop the Sintra mountains, offering panoramic views of the surrounding landscapes. Wander through the UNESCO World Heritage site, the historic center of Sintra, and immerse yourself in centuries of Portuguese history.

  2. Coastal Charm: Journey along the stunning Atlantic coastline to Cascais, a picturesque fishing village turned vibrant resort town. Explore the charming streets, relax on pristine beaches, and soak in the coastal atmosphere that has enchanted visitors for generations.

  3. Cabo da Roca: Stand at the westernmost point of continental Europe, Cabo da Roca, where rugged cliffs meet the endless expanse of the Atlantic Ocean. Feel the power of the elements and witness a breathtaking sunset over this dramatic coastline.

  4. Lisbon Food and Wine Tour Extension: Elevate your private tour experience by opting for our Lisbon Food and Wine Tour extension. Delight your taste buds with the flavors of Portugal as you explore local markets, dine in authentic eateries, and savor fine Portuguese wines.

What’s Included:

  • Private transportation
  • Expert local guide
  • Entrance fees to Pena Palace and Cabo da Roca
  • Optional Lisbon Food and Wine Tour extension


“Our private tour to Sintra and Cascais was nothing short of magical. The guide’s knowledge and passion for the region added a special touch to the experience. Highly recommended!” – Sarah and Mark T.

“The flexibility of the private tour allowed us to explore at our own pace. The addition of the Lisbon Food and Wine Tour made it a truly immersive experience—culinary delights combined with breathtaking sights!” – James D.

“Sintra and Cascais stole our hearts, and this private tour was the perfect way to discover their beauty. The guide’s insights and the optional food and wine tour made it a well-rounded and unforgettable day!” – Emily W.

Book Your Private Escape Now!

Create lasting memories with our Sintra-Cascais Private Tour from Lisbon. Book now and immerse yourself in the magic of these iconic Portuguese destinations, tailored to your preferences. Don’t miss the opportunity to add the Lisbon Food and Wine Tour extension for a truly immersive experience!


    • Start Time: 9:00 AM

    • 1. Morning in Sintra: Explore the mystical Pena Palace and stroll through the historic center of Sintra, filled with charming shops and cafes.

    • 2. Afternoon Coastal Escape: Journey to Cascais, discovering its sandy beaches, bustling marina, and the scenic beauty of Cabo da Roca.

    • 3. Optional Lisbon Food and Wine Tour: Extend your adventure by indulging in a culinary exploration of Lisbon, savoring local delicacies and exquisite wines.

    • End Time: 6:00 PM